Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound in Arizona

 (/ˌærɪˈzoʊnə/ i ARR-ih-ZOH-nə; Navajo: Hoozdo Hahoodzo [hoː˥z̥to˩ ha˩hoː˩tso˩];  O’odham: Alĭ ṣonak [ˈaɭi̥ ˈʂɔnak]) is a state in the Southwestern United States. It is the 6th-largest and the 14th-most-populous of the 50 states. Its capital and largest city is Phoenix. Arizona is part of the Four Corners region with Utah to the north, Colorado to the northeast, and New Mexico to the east; its other neighboring states are Nevada to the northwest, California to the west and the Mexican states of Sonora and Baja California to the south and southwest.

TOP Yards in Arizona

Phoenix  From A/C Condensers to Air Conditioners, Aluminum – Gutters, from Stainless Steel and Bicycles to Dishwashers, Copper Pipe, and Iron!

Phoenix Davis Metals and Salvage has grown over the years and today ships over 3,000 tons of ferrous and 1,000 tons of non ferrous scrap metal and distributes over 600 tons of new metal monthly.
Tucson SA Recycling is Tucson’s one stop shop recycling center. We pay top prices for scrap metal and aluminum cans. We accept all scrap metal including steel, aluminum, copper, tin, appliances, aluminum cans, and many other types of scrap metal.

Scrap Copper & Brass prices per pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
Bare Bright Wire$2.22
Copper Tubing / Flashing$2.44
Copper Tubing / Bus Bar$1.98
Roofing Copper$1.53
Brass (Plumbing, Pipe)$1.24
Brass Shells$1.13
Brass Water Meter$0.64-$1.25
Dirty Brass Faucets$0.32
Clean Brass Radiators$1.27
Aluminum/Copper Coil (Clean)$0.81
Aluminum/Copper Coil (Dirty)$0.67
Copper Yokes$0.26
Copper Transformers$0.05-$0.14
Electric Motors$0.111-$0.37
Sealed Units/Compressors$0.14

Scrap Ins. Copper Wire prices per pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
Insulated Copper Wire (Cat 5/6)$0.57
Romex® Wire$1.10
Open Eye Hollow Heliax$0.75
THHN Cable$1.30
Insulated Cable$1.15
500-750 MCM (Bare Bright Inside)$1.57
Insulated Steel BX$0.16
Aluminum BX$0.66
Christmas Lights$0.10
Computer Wire$0.28
Cat 5/6 Cross$0.35

Scrap Aluminum prices per pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
Aluminum Siding / Gutters$0.31
Sheet Aluminum$0.22
All Aluminum Rims$0.34-$0.47
Aluminum Windows (broken)$0.26
Cast Aluminum$0.18
Clean Aluminum Wire$0.42
AL Thermo-pane/break (Not Glass)$0.27
AL Litho Plates$0.34
AL Machine Cuts$0.31-$0.55
Aluminum Grills$0.20
AL Turnings$0.11-$0.17
Aluminum Transformers$0.04
Dirty Aluminum$0.06-$0.17

Scrap Misc. Scrap prices per pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
304 Stainless Steel (Non-Magnetic)$0.28
316 Stainless Steel (Non-Magnetic)$0.33
Lead Wheel Weights$0.14
Scrap Generators$0.04-$0.15

Scrap Batteries prices per pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
Car Batteries$0.18-$0.22
Lead Backup Batteries$0.16-$0.23
Forklift Batteries$0.17-$0.21
Steel Case Batteries$0.15-$0.18
Cell Site Lead Batteries$0.13-$0.18
Lithium Ion Batteries$1.32-$2.12

Scrap Catalytic Converters prices per each

MetalPrice Per each
Small Foreign Cat$75-$83
Medium Foreign Cat$96-$115
Large Foreign Cat$100-$235
Foreign Pre-Cat$24-$43
Domestic Cat$46-$58
Pre-Domestic Cat$19-$28
Small GM Cat$74-$98
Large GM Cat$75-$105
Regular Breadloaf Cat$78-$92
Small Chrysler Cat$45-$65
Large Chrysler Cat$77-$99
Ford Cat$63-$79
Ford Pre-Cat$23-$28
Bead Cat$18-$29
Diesel Cat$3.04-$33
Small Wire$11-$16
Large Wire Cat$31-$67
Wire Pre-Cat$5-$13
Aftermarket Cat$5
DPF Catalytic Converter$27-$432
AC Cats$54-$67

Scrap Steel & Iron prices per pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
Stainless Steel$0.22
Light Iron$0.03
Cast Iron$0.04-$0.07
Brake Rotors$0.064

Scrap Computer Scrap prices per pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
Clean Green Motherboards$1.09
Non-Green Motherboards$0.52
Memory Chips$4.52-$6.44
CPU Processor Chips$3.04-$24
Whole Computer Towers w/HD$0.14
Power Supplies (w/ wires)$0.08
Harddrives w/Board$0.38
Harddrive PC Board$2.24
Telecom Equipment$0.13-$0.24
Low Grade Non PC Boards$0.08
Insulated Wire$0.22-$0.55
Computer Wire$0.27
AL Heat Sinks$0.24

Scrap Rare Earth Metals prices per pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
Carbide Inserts/Shapes$5.24-$6.18
FSX 414$5.08
High Speed Steel$11-$22
Hastelloy Shavings$1.33-$2.10
Hastelloy Solids$1.47-$2.11
Tin Solder$1.24-$3.77
Alnico Magnets$1.35-$2.11

Legal Mandates Arizona

Updated: January 2014

***Changes Effective September 2013

State Requirements

In order to sell scrap metal, sellers will be required to:

         ·            Agree to allow a photocopy of driver’s license or state ID card;

         ·            Sign a statement indicating that they are the owner of or are authorized to sell the metal;

         ·            Sign a statement that they have not been convicted of metal theft; 

         ·            Allow the buyer to take a right index finger print;

Buyer’s must:

  • Record state and license plate number of sellers vehicle used to transport scrap;
  • ***Keep a record for all sales of sellers name, address, telephone number;
    • Record must also include a physical description of the seller, including gender, race, height, weight, and eye color;
  • ***A photograph of the seller.
  • ***A right index finger print (or other finger if necessary).
  • A video or photograph of the material being sold, including a description and weight of the material.
  • All sales tickets must have date and time and place of the sale, as well as the name of the clerk completing the sale.
    • Must also show the weight, quantity and/or volume of the material.
    • Sales tickets must also show the dollar amount paid for the material.
    • Sales tickets must be signed by the seller.  Seller will receive a copy of the receipt and buyer will retain a copy.

         ·            Buyer must report purchased vehicle information to NMVTIS

         ·            Tag and hold policies are in effect for a minimum of 15 days

NOTE:  Scrap recyclers must maintain a record of all purchases for a minimum of 2 years and is subject to inspection by any law enforcement at any time. There is a 15-day tag-and-hold policy when notified by law enforcement to do so.

Any purchases must be paid for with a non-transferrable check which will be mailed to the seller’s home.

Recyclers cannot buy materials from the same customer more than once per day.

It is unlawful to purchase scrap metal from persons under the age of 16 years (with the exception of aluminum beverage cans).

It is unlawful to purchase manhole covers, brass or bronze valves or fittings, water meters, aluminum trenches or ramps, catalytic converters, cooling coils or condensers without valid licensure to do so.

No scrap metal business may purchase or receive beer kegs from anyone except a distributor or manufacturer of beer kegs or licensed brewery.

No scrap metal business may enter into a transaction to purchase or receive metallic wire that was burned in whole or in part to remove insulation unless the seller can produce written proof to the scrap metal business that the wire was lawfully burned or lawfully recovered from a burned structure.

Within 24 hours of receipt of scrap metals, except from an industrial account or a scrap metal dealer, for which a record is required to be kept by section 44-1642, a scrap metal dealer shall electronically submit to the department of public safety a record of the receipt of the scrap metals. The record shall include the following information:

  1. The date, time and place of the receipt of the scrap metal.
  2. An identifying description of the specific scrap metal received including the weight and amount of the transaction or other consideration given.
  3. A description of the person delivering the metal to the scrap metal dealer including the person’s gender, height, weight, race and hair and eye color, address and date of birth and a photocopy of a current driver license, non-operating identification license issued pursuant to section 28-3165 or photo identification card issued by a tribal government or the United States military.
  4. The number and state of issuance of the license on the vehicle used to deliver the scrap metal.

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